30 Days to a New Habit


It takes 30 days to learn a new habit or add something new to your life. In a light-hearted TED talks, Matt Cutts encourages you to give it a shot. If you want something to stick, try small changes. Make them your goal for only a month.

Maybe you’re trying to add exercise into your schedule.  in a TED talk, social psychologist Emily Balcetis suggests that focusing on the finish line and nothing else can make you more successful in getting exercise to stick to your calendar. “Our bodies and our minds work in tandem to how we see the world around us,” Balcetis says. “Keep your eyes on the prize.” She continues, “We can teach ourselves to see the world differently.”

Are you trying to change a thought pattern? Would you like to work with the Holy Spirit to break down your stony heart and replace it with a new, God-filled one? Try journaling about a particular thought for one month. And during that month, practice your replacement kind of thinking 7 times during each day. Click here for specific instructions.



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