Baby Brains

The more I delve into Adam and Mila’s website, the more I see. This as a great place to visit and revisit. And they encourage sharing the information with others—which is exactly what I am doing here.

Photo by Hamza El-Falah on Unsplash

Baby Cognitive Development

The brain of an infant baby is growing faster than at any other time in life! Studies have shown the first months of life to have enormous consequence for social and emotional development much later in life and up through adulthood. However healthy cognitive development does not need to be complicated. At ADAM & Mila we have three golden rules when it comes to stimulating young brains:

Rule No. 1: Love, Love, Love!

Caring for you baby and developing a strong emotional bond is the absolute best way to make sure your child will grow up to be an emotionally balanced and caring adult.

Rule No. 2: Novelty for all the Senses

Nothing gets those baby brain neurons firing like experiencing something for the first time. Repetition is good for learning specific skills, but for fast growth and comprehensive mental development the name of the game is Novelty. New smells, New Sounds, New Textures and New Shapes – all of it helps.

Rule No. 3: Not What but How

It’s not important what your baby is able to do, it’s how he or she does it that deserve applause. Try not to get too caught up in teaching your baby specific skills, instead provide opportunities to explore through play. Soon you will find that your baby has acquired many new and surprising talents!

Toddler Cognitive Development

This is the most amazing age when it comes to cognitive skills. Now is the time when all that brain building your child has been doing as a baby is truly starting to pay off, and you are about to witness an explosion of new talents and surprisingly clever behavior!

Your toddler will start imitating parent behavior and act out familiar scenes from adult life. He or she will start to remember the location of favorite toys and objects and will be able to search for and find them at will.

Solving increasingly complex problems whether it be a toy puzzle or how to convince grandma to give another biscuit is done with ease.

It was the sentence above (in red) that made me really laugh. My grandkids must have experienced GREAT cognitive development. I’m such a pushover.

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