Thoughts Affect Us Physically


Do your emotions affect your physical body? Try this experiment:

For the next minute, close your eyes and think deeply about an upsetting event in your life.
After one minute, focus your attention on your body: stomach, breathing, tension, frowning, etc. How do you feel?

You have been experiencing the affects of all your thoughts in your body your entire life and may not have even known it.

For example, have you ever become ill in the wake of a difficult or traumatic time in your life? You may not have made the connection, just chalked it up as coincidence, when it was more likely to have been the result of toxic thoughts taking their toll on your overall health.

Thoughts are not only scientifically measurable, but we can verify how they affect our bodies. Emotions are involved in every thought we build, ever have built, and ever will build. We can actually “feel” the emotional effects of our thoughts in our bodies.

person-woman-hand-rainyIn fact, for every memory you make, you have a corresponding emotion attached to it, which is stored in your brain, and also as a photocopy in your body’s cells. These emotions are very real and link your thoughts to the reaction in your body and mind—called the psychosomatic network. They can surface even years after an event has occurred, when the memory of that event is remembered.

What you think about expands and grows, taking on a life of its own. The direction this life takes could be positive or negative; you get to choose. In fact,

Your thoughts—whether negative or positive— create changes right down to genetic levels, restricting the cells’ makeup. Scientists have show this restructuring can allow diseases to take hold in the body. On the flip side, when we choose healthy thinking, we step into a whole new realm of brain and body function. “Feel good” chemicals are
released that make us feel peaceful and also promote healing, memory formation, and deep thinking.

Healthy, non-toxic thoughts help nurture and create a positive foundation in the neural networks of the mind. Positive thoughts strengthen positive reaction chains and release biochemicals, such as endorphins and serotonin, from the brain’s natural pharmacy. Bathed in these positive environments, intellect flourishes, and with it, mental and physical health.

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