Dig into Romans with Me (Week 2)

I’d like to issue an invitation to you to study Romans with me. Instead of only reading through the verses, we will chart what they tell us, state the main message to us on this day, and doodle (to take an idea into our heads and relay it through visuals). On Mondays I’ll share the verses and the charts. On Tuesday I’ll share my answers. I hope we can learn together this way. I look forward to your comments and responses.

Through Christ, God has given us the privilege and authority as apostles to tell Gentiles everywhere what God has done for them, so that they will believe and obey him, bringing glory to his name.
And you are included among those Gentiles who have been called to belong to Jesus Christ. I am writing to all of you in Rome who are loved by God and are called to be his own holy people.
May God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ give you grace and peace.

Romana 1:5-7, NLT

What specifics do we learn about Paul, Me, All Believers; God; and Jesus Christ? Chart your discoveries.

  • PAUL, YOU, ALL BELIEVERS. I read these verses as if they were addressed to Paul and all believers. Feel free to make your own columns.
  • GOD

What is God’s main message to you today in verses 5-7.

Sketch or display a picture that demonstrates the message or a portion of the message. It can be a new-to-you recognition of a truth or something you would use to explain the concept to an unbeliever. It’s not meant to be fine art, but a way of taking in and reformatting God’s word to you today.

Let’s study together. Share any comments, questions, or words of wisdom in the comments, and I’ll read and respond.

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