Bible Doodle: Romans 9:18-19

All we’re saying is that God has the first word, initiating the action in which we play our part for good or ill.
Are you going to object, “So how can God blame us for anything since he’s in charge of everything? If the big decisions are already made, what say do we have in it?”

Romans 9:18-19, MSG

2 thoughts on “Bible Doodle: Romans 9:18-19

  1. Thank you Kathie. Important help in making decisions right now – not resisting the will of God the Father.

    The insight I experienced after your email led me to seek the Lord in this. While I was asking Him to “help me to have a mindset…” He challenged to actually CHOOSE to surrender to His will. (Not just ask for help but actually do it). He led me to realize that I ask for help all day long and that gets me nowhere… So, I surrendered. It felt great. Thanks again Kathie.


    Dave Huizenga, Lead Pastor Mobile: 616-293-7782



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