Take a Deep Breath

At this time of the year, I am always reminded of how easy it is to block the flow of oxygen. I have 8 weeks of spring allergies that fill my sinuses, bronchioles, and lungs with unwanted blockages, and it can be hard to breathe.

We all have experienced times in our lives when we have the same difficulties receiving the peace and faith that God has already placed in our lives. Circumstances, situations, sinful desires, pain, anger…all of this block the flow of God’s peace and mercy through our hearts and souls. 

The devil sneaks up on you, like pollen disguised in beauty and lush greenness, and suddenly it’s hard to breathe.

Praising God removes the roadblocks to our faith in the same way that medication clears the pathways for oxygen in my body. But it’s better than any medicine man can come up with, because it’s God filling you up.

Lord, You tell us in Revelation 3 that you are knocking on the door to our hearts, waiting for us to invite you in. We need your help to clear out the debris that is blocking the door. Holy Spirit, nudge us to praise so that we focus on God Almighty, to see, hear, and feel your presence, because you are always there. It’s your breath in our long, so we pour out our praise to you. Amen.

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