Bible Doodle: Psalm 13:5

David starts this song with lament and accusation: “How long will you forget me, O Lord?”
He was in danger for his life, traitors were all around him, and his enemies couldn’t wait to kill him.
So, for four verses he didn’t hold back, but poured out his grief and anger to God in prayer.

What was the result? Verse 5 says it all.
As a result, verse 6 is praise, “I will sing the Lord’s praise, for he has been good to me.

Citing my picture sources:

Doing something creative is my favorite! And I love visuals–not only do they help me learn, but they take me places in my mind. I also use them to meditate on scripture or doodle a picture of what I hear from God through scripture.

So, when I need to keep my eyes and hands engaged in order to relax, I color. I use gel pens and colored pencils, sometimes I doodle whatever’s on my mind, and sometimes I find something in a coloring book. My favorite go-to source for this supply is Hobby Lobby as they carry an ever-renewing source of inspirational and scriptural books from a variety of artists and publishers.

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