Bible Doodle: Genesis 12:14-15

14-15 When Abram arrived in Egypt, the Egyptians took one look and saw that his wife was stunningly beautiful. Pharaoh’s princes raved over her to Pharaoh. She was taken to live with Pharaoh.
Genesis 12:14-15, The Message

“She’s was taken to live with Pharoah.”

From being the matriarch,
the only wife of Abram and running her own household
Sarai entered the Pharaoh’s harem,
one beauty among many,
on call for the Pharaoh’s pleasure.

Every need taken care of.
Every beauty regiment offered.
No autonomy.

Oh, Abram. What have we done?
What have you done?
Do I even want to see you again?

I know these reactions are mine, a woman of my culture and century. Still can’t get past the betrayal.

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