Do you know yourself?

Acknowledge that the Lord is God!
He made us, and we are his
. Psalm 100:3, NLT

God thought you up. He designed you the way you are on purpose—for HIS purpose.

Remember Saul of Tarsus? His blueprint was of an impassioned, deep-thinking, driven zealot. And that’s what he was—a fanatic dedicated to persecuting people until God stopped him in his tracks on the road to Emmaus, blinded him physically for a time, and opened the eyes of his spirit. Saul’s change was so profound that he got a new name—Paul. Still an impassioned, brilliant, driven zealot, he dedicated the rest of his life to helping people (instead of persecuting them) by proclaiming the gospel message.

When you ask the Holy Spirit to flow through you, you are living in the time of redemption.  It’s an ongoing makeover, and you don’t have to be afraid that you will change so much that you won’t recognize yourself.  Instead, you will become more like his original design for you. An awakened spirit is inspired to creative acts that follow the design of your creation.

Learning to know yourself and recognizing God’s design is the first step in awakening your spirit. It allows you to drop unhealthy habits and expectations, to leave the past behind, and to step into the life he planned for you.

What you are after is truth from the inside out.
Enter me, then; conceive a new, true life.
Psalm 51:6, The Message

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