The Power of an Everyday Man or Woman

prayThis is a guest blog from my brother Dave Huizenga, pastor of Bridgewood Church in Savage, MN.
This is a repeat of his January 25, 2013 Daily Devotional.

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Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.  Ephesians 6:10

I’ll admit, I really enjoyed the movie, “Marvel’s Captain America.” I am a sucker for the plot where the underdog’s true character comes out in a victorious ending.

However, upon reflection, I think I enjoyed the movie because it shows that an everyday man has within him remarkable power to make a difference in this world. In Christ, I believe this to be true.

In Christ, an everyday man or woman becomes someone with the power and authority to expose the devil’s schemes and to drive him out and away from all things. The everyday man or woman “in Christ” has the power to speak truth into lies, cultivate righteousness into moral confusion, and inject peace into earthly conflict. The everyday man or woman “in Christ” has the power of God’s Word in his heart and in his hand as a sword – ready to bring healing, grace, purpose and freedom to all he engages.

In Christ, you are that man or woman. Go into this day “in Christ.”

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