The Light Side of Reading

We read for different reasons.

A good friend told me that since she ended her education, she doesn’t read much fiction. She goes to books to learn something, to improve something, to find answers to a very important question. She doesn’t identify at all with the warm and fuzzy feelings about reading that I’ve been expressing on Facebook and Twitter.

As I told her, “I love you anyway.” Taking tongue out of cheek, I am delighted to hear that “she goes to books…” And by books, I mean reading. There is so much out there to learn and experience, and we will each do it in our own way.

Enough seriousness. Back to my warm and fuzziness…0031-laughing

Sometimes I tell myself to stop reading and get some things done.
Then I laugh and turn the page.


That little get-to-know-you thing you do with a new book:

–look at the cover,
–read the back,
–run your hand down the spine,
–flip through and look at the chapter headings,
–avoid reading the last page even though it’s really hard,
–close the book and your eyes and pretend you’re still inside the story…

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