Artists & Authors: Today’s Featured Artist

featured-artistArtists and Authors who will be a part of our POP-UP HOLIDAY SHOP on December 3, 4, & 5 will be featured each day. Click on the logo to find out more about the event.

Versatile Artist Shares Love of Art With Individuals of All Ages

Mary Robertson tells as many stories as the kinds of art she creates. Here are a few of them:

“When I was trying to come up with a “business name” years ago. I had a chalkboard that I wrote down all the ideas I had. Nothing was really jumping out at me at the time. One day during summer vacation, my boys had some neighborhood friends over and I was cooking up some pudding as a snack for them. My husband, Rick, called to see what I was doing because he had heard that the bank in town where we do our banking was robbed earlier that day. The description of the bank robber was a total description of what I look like! SO, I said, it wasn’t me because I was at home making pudding for the kids… was my Pudding Alibi (Etsy, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter).”

“ Trechentowel, Dutch Costume Kitchen Towel. I’ve been making these for years now BUT I got started making them because of one of my sisters! Every year for Christmas as a family we exchange Handmade gifts. Lori, my middle sister, said one year she wanted a kitchen towel. Instead of making a normal kitchen towel I decided to kick it up a notch and incorporate our Dutch heritage. I put on my creative hat and designed a pattern because I had never seen anything like what I wanted to make. That would have been too easy! To make sure it was something that others would like and not just me thinking that it was great…I showed my first attempts to a few people who promptly convinced me that I should sell the Trechentowels to THEM. Yes, my sisters Christmas present was late that year since I sold the ones I had planned on giving her.”

For more information about Mary, click here.

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