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Kathryn Daugherty’s She  Promised Her Heart Is the First of a Three-part Series

1309_DSCN1764“It was a dream come true,” Kathryn Daugherty says about the publication of her first novel, A Case of Hearts, in the fall of 2013. “I’ve had so many experiences in talking to groups at libraries, community centers, women’s meetings, and conferences. I’ve attended many vendor shows. I’ve enjoyed meeting many readers and writers on this journey. It has been delightful.”

Her second novel, She Promised Her Heart, was published in October 2015. Both books are women’s contemporary novels, but this second one is the first in a three-book series.

You can visit Kathryn at her website:

Two People

One Flight

Their lives will never be the same

How long should your heart keep a promise?

About She Promised Her Heart:

kathryn_daughertyFrontWhen Dr. Isabelle Kelly is offered a first class plane ticket from a fellow passenger, how could she know that this meeting would find the two women’s lives so intertwined.

Isabelle is still in love with an Air Force Captain that she promised her heart to before he left for a second tour of duty in Vietnam. When he didn’t return, even forty years later she continues to keep her promise.

  How many broken promises can you forgive?

Jillian is disappointed once again when her fiancé puts business before her. She intends to return his first class ticket for a refund, when she overhears a passenger trying to find a seat on the same plane.  In a move to seek retaliation against his broken promise, she offer the ticket to Dr. Kelly. Neither knew as seatmates how their lives would intertwine. The past will come to haunt and preserve their futures. 

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