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The Story of Ruth and Boaz—Not a Disney Romance

2003-WidowAsk Kathleen Evenhouse about her historical novel Less Than a Widow, and she’ll tell you: “I’d like to introduce you to Ruth, Naomi, Boaz, and a few more old friends.

“You might be saying, ‘I know that story. I learned it in Sunday School.’

“If you still believe that the biblical story of Ruth and Boaz reads much like a Disney romance—where a kind and lovely young girl falls on hard times, is rescued by a prince, and they live happily ever after—then perhaps now would be a good time for you to reacquaint yourself with this narrative. You have grown and matured since you first met Ruth, and you may be surprised to find that her story has depths you never knew were there.”

This fast-moving work of historical fiction brings you into the lives and times of people living in ancient Middle East and paints a rich picture of their culture and beliefs without deviating from the biblical outline.

2004-WidowAs the 3000-year-old story unfolds, it becomes clear that today’s women are still affected by many of the same issues. In the patriarchal culture of the ancient Middle East, Ruth was a social castoff—a widow without legal rights. As the title reveals, her inability to conceive a child brought her even lower, to a point where her very existence was threatened.

Deeply affecting, Less than a Widow combines rich historical storytelling with a contemporary voice.

These readers enjoyed Less Than a Widow.

“Built on the biblical story of Ruth, Evenhouse paints a tapestry of Hebrew culture that makes the story come alive! You will feel the hopelessness of Ruth, a widow without a child, a foreigner without a future. You will grow to love her determination, her loyalty, her beauty, and her faith. Be prepared for pain, this is not a sanitized version, but also be prepared for passion, courage, and triumph. Less Than a Widow will instruct, entice, and inspire!”
~BJ Huizenga, Sup’t of Kalamazoo Christian Schools

“Kathleen Evenhouse’s tight plotting and exciting action in Less Than a Widow helps readers understand that the biblical story of Ruth and Boaz is more than a love story. Instead, victims coping with loss morph into warriors whose weapons are determination, courage, and faith. All readers, whatever their views, will find much to stimulate their thinking and perhaps prompt them to return to the four short chapters of the Bible’s Book of Ruth with eyes and ears open for what it has to say to them in their lives today.”
~Keith Korver, Exec. Director of Ministry at Third Reformed Church, Pella, Iowa

“Kathleen Evenhouse has breathed life into the stories of these women and infused them with warmth and strength and zest. Less than a Widow took me into their homes to share in their burdens and joys.”
~ Wendy Street, Library Director, Pella, Iowa

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