Trump and Clinton Reflect Us

0012-007-dzhordzh-vashington-1732-1799-amerikanskij-gosudarstvennyj-dejatel“Leaders do not define the morality of a people, they are a reflection of it.”  ~Chuck Hooten

Not satisfied with who we have running for president? Maybe, we should look to ourselves.

Chuck Hooten’s blog today hit me in the face—it’s time to wake up and take personal responsibility for the direction of our country. Our leaders reflect us and what we will stand for.

I encourage each of you—no matter your political views—to browse the quotes from his blog below, and take a few minutes to read his whole blog. It’s not long, but it is convicting.  Kathie

Re Trump:
“When a video was released revealing a man to us that has no respect for women…We…cry foul at this but the reality is that our churches are filled with those who flock to the movies for a glimpse of 50 Shades…(and) vulgarity…We are unfazed by the fact that everything from toothpaste to car insurance is sold on the backs and bodies of our sisters and daughters sexuality…We are him and he is us.”

Re Clinton:
“…we are now learning more concretely that Hillary Clinton is a liar and a cheat. She is a woman who will say and do anything to get ahead and feed her need for position and power. Welcome to the current definition of the American dream…The poor continue to suffer all around us, the american inner city is on fire with oppression and need, there are countless children who are locked in a social services system that is understaffed and underserved.…We are throwing parties while our cities burn.”

“Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are not the problem, they are the wake up call.”

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