Life’s a Daily Ditty


The song was clear  this week, a Smokey Row refrain chirping its tune day after day. Working as a barista in the early morning hours, studying in a booth until they kick me out to close, and writing inside these walls this week, I am inspired to share with you this beautiful piece of music:                                                                                                                  

  • The song begins with the twist of keys in the door. Coffee drip-drip-dripping establishes the rhythm as the store.
  • Fighting its hinged, the door squeaks open and laughter and muted voices of early morning regulars create the day’s first melody. The tempo picks up and the notes grow stronger as the stream of people thickens and the muted introduction turns into full morning verse. Coffee fees raise their voices over the high-pitched shrillness of the espresso machine, the clatter of breakfast preparation, and the squirt of latte syrup caught by its cup.
  • Just as quickly as it crescendos, the store falls dead silent, and Smokey Row master musicians catch their breath in preparation for the next stanza of the day.
  • The chorus rises, and lunch orders sing a constant refrain, energetic pulses calmly delivered.
  • But as the line lengthens, voices crescendo; Microwaves beeping, cash register slamming, the blender humming as ingredients combine has brought the ballad of the store to its lunch climax.
  • Mid afternoon signals a decrescendo, and the song rides it back down to regain a calm melody once more. The sweet tune is punctuated with occasional customers ordering a shake or a bagel, and song comes to a close with swishing brooms and clinking of chairs. The final notes sound with the click of keys in the lock.

Just like a song, every day draws to a close. So when the moment comes that you are lying in bed, thoughts and reflections circling your mind, will you recognize the song your day played? Or will you have missed the beat entirely?

There is music and beauty all around us, blessings sprinkled by the hand of God, our Father. Sometimes our days are sad songs, and other times they are fast tempoed and packed with joy. No matter the key, no matter the lyrics, I challenge you to take time every day to appreciate the chorus our lives create!

And remember, you’re never too old to blast the volume and sing along at the top of your lungs!

Guest Blogger: Sarah Posthuma

sarahpI am a junior at Pella Christian High School, and for the first two weeks in January I will be interning with Kathleen Evenhouse through the school’s Winterim program. Winterim internships provide students with the opportunity to explore different career fields. I am interested in a career in either writing, or psychology. Because of Kathie’s extensive experience in writing and marketing, I am confident that I will be able to reap much knowledge from her. This experience will hopefully give me a deeper insight into what God wants for my future.
These blogs posted through my internship will be from the setting of a coffee shop in Pella and are for the purpose of developing my creative skills.

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