New Monday Blogs: Scripture, Science, and the Brain


Hello, friends.

Welcome to my first weekly blog on Scripture, Science, and the Brain. I am delighted that Science has shown that our brains actually do change and grow according to how we think, and that this fits the Biblical principle of “renewing our minds.”

This practice has reduced my anxiety, increased my ability to trust others, and increased my faith. And with that, I have found contentment in living my life today.

I am not a medical professional or a scientist, but I have a brain. I’ve studied this area extensively, wrote a curriculum for adults on Scripture, Science, and the Brain that my husband and I team-teach, and presents these ideas to groups.

The books and videos of Dr. Caroline Leaf, neurologist, author, speaker, and television personality, set me on this study path. Dr. Mark Virkler‘s books and conferences encouraged me to regularly listen for God’s voice. I want to say thank you to these two people for bringing this information into the public forum.

Today’s infographic is a teaser. Come back on Mondays as we dig deeper into Scripture, Science, and our Brains.

InJoy, Kathie

Click to see this helpful infographic in full size: 30 Things to start doing for Yourself







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