Limbo Land: Raising the Bar

I was ready for a sucker punch to the gut, had on the full armor of God, my husband beside me, waiting…


The flares I had noticed were normal collections in kidney and bladder, but the bones look normal—no cancerous invasion. The doctor had to repeat it a few times before it sank in. There are quite a few growths on my spine, but they don’t give any indication of cancer!

Have an oncologist appointment in early to July to see if he wants any further tests on my abundance of growths. As one of my daughters reminded me, “You just like to grow weird stuff.” Don’t know if I’d phrase it that way—it’s not a choice I’ve been given—but I prefer weird to cancerous.

So, praise God for this answer to the prayers that so many of you were offering on my behalf. We resulted with many “Hallelujah!” and a stop at Jersey Freeze on the way home.

Not out of the woods yet, but I feel like I’m out of the dank,  dark, creepy woods inhabited by large, hungry spiders that eat hobbits and dwarves. This is a pine forest.

Still wearing my armor. It’s a good fit.

2 thoughts on “Limbo Land: Raising the Bar

  1. Sending happy thoughts your way with the good news! Sounds like some spooky stuff you’ve been dealing with but glad that the armor warded off something bad! Take care ! Blessings Kathy! Brenda


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