Does bigger mean better?

Brain 3Make fists and put your hands together. That’s about the size of your brain. Men then to be bigger than women, so their brains are larger also, 3½ pounds compares to women’s 3 pounds. Yep, men have bigger brains.

You’ve also heard that men think in boxes, and there’s an awful lot of boxes in their brains. They like to keep things separate, like not having food touch on a plate. Their brains are designed that way. Their strongest circuitry is between the spacial and action centers.

Women, on the other hand, resemble a entangled pile of spaghetti noodles, with strong circuitry between emotional processing, memory, and language centers. Surprised?

Surprised? I’m sure these generalities have been noted by anyone who has tried to communicate with someone of the opposite sex.

Want to learn more? Check out this blog, video, and book by Dr Caroline Leaf:



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