Need to focus? Train Your Brain.

rcowmc8qf8a-crewVolleyball practice legally began today in Iowa high schools. My retired-teacher husband returned to coaching varsity volleyball last year, which returned me to participation as well. For lack of a better job title, I’m the official “team grandma.” I love spending time with high school girls each fall, and the relationships we develop show up year round.

Here’s an important lesson the girls need to learn every year: how do I learn to focus in practice and in games? We have so many thoughts racing through our brains, and many are negative: “I just can’t do it.” “I bet they wish I wasn’t on their team.” “What is wrong with me today—nothing’s working!”

It’s not just high school girls or athletes that need a little help with focus. We all do.

Enjoy these helpful hints: Three Ways to Train Your Brain to Focus

strong body strong mind

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