The Trees in Our Minds


Trees & Plants 3902-webDid you know that our minds help us to get our thought lives under control. Our brains operate under the control of our minds, so we can re-design our own brains. We aren’t victims of biology as we used to believe.

Our brains are the physical house or structure of our minds. We use them to intellectualize, think, and choose, and those activities all take place in the realm of our intellects, our wills, and our emotions.

When something reaches our brains through our five senses (such as listening to a speaker), electromagnetic and quantum signals flow through our brains to process and make choices at 400-billion actions per second. In about 7-to-10 seconds, what we are receiving comes to the front of our brains. At that point we have 1-to-2 seconds to make a choice about whether or not to entertain this particular thought or to banish it. These  signals continue to our cells and flip the switch on our dormant DNA (gene code) to make amino acids which turn into proteins. The proteins then form together to create a physical piece of real estate in our brains for each thought that we have.

Each protein-based thought looks resembles a tree with a trunk and branches. We have an ever-growing forest of tree-thought in our brains. And each of us gets to decide which tree-thoughts we want to flourish and grow and which tree-thoughts we are going to quit feeding.

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