Want to trade your brain in for a new one?


boy-529065_1280-webIn first grade, Barbara Arrowsmith-Young was told,
“You have a defect.”
“You have a mental block. ”
“You will never learn as other children.”
“You need to live with these limitations.”

  • She couldn’t tell time.
  • She got lost easily.
  • She didn’t understand abstracts.
  • She didn’t process mentally what was happening to one side of her body.

Shamed and too overwhelmed to imagine high school, she tried to commit suicide and failed. “I couldn’t even do that right.”

That’s the heartbreak.

The amazing news is how God designed our brains for renewal, for change, for progress. At age 25 she finally found a glimmer of hope.

Listen to her story. Listen to her passion to help others in schools who are facing similar struggles.

Praise God for his design.

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