Video Gaming and Your Brain

hardik-sharma-560353-unsplashDoes “gaming” (playing video games) change the landscape of your brain?
The truth is, anything you think, do, or say repeatedly has a definite effect and shapes your brain.

But are the effects positive or negative, especially when it comes to developing minds? The answer is “yes.” Too much gaming pushes negative buttons. However, gaming in a balanced way can add another avenue for pursuing educational goals and achievement. Makes me think of going on a diet—your best course is to follow the do-everything-in-moderation rule.

More and more programs are using video gaming to reach and teach students in ways they never could before. Therapy programs, schools, and even research scientists have all benefited from the strategic use of games to increase success.

My suggestion: share this chart with your gamers and let them tell you what they think about it. Don’t read it too closely first, so they can explain it to you. Then ask lots of questions, such as: “I wonder how much is too much to tip the effective balance to a negative?” “What kinds of games will give me the positive boosts I need?”




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