Praise God in All Circumstances

praiseHave you read the story of the tiny country of Judah and King Jehoshaphat? (You’ll find this story in the Bible in 2 Chronicles 20.)

Three kings and their armies joined together to annihilate all of Judah. The armies were on the way when spies brought the news to the king. The country of Judah was facing impending doom, and the king needed to react quickly if Judah would have even an outside chance to avoid annihilation. So, what did this strong leader implement immediately?

  • A call to arms?
  • Bolster defensive positions?
  • Move civilians to safe havens?
  • Order all armament-makers to begin 24-7 production?
  • Send out scouts and spies to solidify information and plan counter offensives?

King Jehoshaphat did not. His responses included none of the above.
Instead the king:

  • Was alarmed, and his first action was to go to God (vs 3).
  • Proclaimed a fast for all in Judah (vs 3).
  • Gathered all the people of Judah to seek help from the Lord (vs 4).
  • Stood before the assembly and praised “the Lord, the God of our ancestors, the God who is in heaven.”
  • Only then did they ask for help, listened to God’s reply, and continued praising as they marched to war.
  • God responded with a miraculous rescue.

Did you get that? Facing a massacre the first thing they did was praise God.

Not petition him for help.
Not say, “Why me?”
Not hide or run away.

They praised God. They knew the Ruler of the World.
They reminded themselves of their past relationship with God and how much He loved them.

What are you facing today? Praise God!

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