Giving Thanks

At least once an hour on NPR for a few days before Thanksgiving, I heard advice and stories about how to keep your cool at a family gathering. In our family, we prefer chaos.

Our family is noisy and quite informal, and we try to pull in as many as we can to be part of our family for the day. Over the years, we have made some lasting friendships this way. Sometimes it’s the only time we will get together in our lifetimes. But on Thanksgiving, we all enjoy a togetherness that gives a warm glow to the day.

It’s not a formal invitation thing, and perhaps we missed asking you this year. If that was you, walk through Smokey Row the week before Thanksgiving next year and say “hello.” I’ll ask if you have plans and invite you to join us. Come for the food, stay for fun and games, or leave as you need.

We have so much to thank God for, and you are one of our blessings.

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