Kathie’s Roman Digs (Week 3)

What struck me overall in Romans 1:8-17 was the example that Paul set for all of us: in prayer, in actions, in obedience, in living, and in interacting in Christian Community.

My information chart from Romans 1:8-17:

reports of faith of RC (8)Paul brings needs and thanks to God constantly (9)pray constantly (8-9)RC faith visible to whole world (8,12,13)knows everything about us (9)I believe Paul is not referring to a particular HS giftPaul prays in Jesus’ name (8)
in constant prayer (9)support, encourage, grow faith together (11)pray to live in will of God (14)New & long-term Christians encourage each other in faith (12)offers salvation to all who believe (16)I think encouraging each other in faith produces fruitPaul serves God by sharing Good News (9)
worships & serves God in heart, spirit, actions (9)Paul tells desire to be with RC (13,15)faith growth produces spiritual fruit (13)that is the gift that they will experience in communitymessage has been criticized, misunderstood, and misinterpreted, but Paul declares it truth (16,17)
goal to visit Rome, asks God (10)in faith: deemed righteous by God & bear fruit (17)Good News is for ALL people (14,16,17)
obligated by God to spread Good News (14)
wants to commune in faith with RC (11)

The Main Message I heard from God in Romans 1:8-17 was a challenge to follow Paul’s example and that of the Roman Christians:
Am I living a faith-life that bears spiritual fruits? Does the world notice the effect that the Good News has made in my life? Is my faith as evident as Paul’s or that or the Roman Christians? Am I so excited about my faith that it splashes out of me and spreads to others with whom I come in contact?

If I have faith, if I believe the Good News,
it should splash out of me in all I do and say each day.
This week’s motto for me: MAKE IT OBVIOUS!

Share your doodle or message in the comment section. I’d love for us to encourage, support, and grow our faith together.

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