Kathie’s Roman Digs (Week 6-Romans 2:1-4)

Have I ever compared myself to another and figured I was morally superior? I probably didn’t frame it quite that way, I may not have spoken my thoughts out loud, but I have to admit the temptation to do so has often been close by. The point Paul makes here, is that any sin is SIN, and we all sin and fall short of thecperfection that God’s justice demands. What do we do with that knowledge?

Here’s my information chart of Romans 2:1-4.

All are wicked & deserve punishmentEvery time we criticize someone, we condemn ourselvesGod is just and punishes those who sinWe can’t fool God by pointing at other with “worse” sins
None of us is perfect, and we can’t claim “high ground”We are all sinnerswonderfully kind, tolerant, & patient with all those who sinBy criticizing other, we condemn ourselves
No one can escape God’s justiceWe have no excuse for condemning others because we deserve justice tooOnly God is worthy to judge us for our sinsDoes pointing at other imply contempt for God? Do we think we can distract, fool, or control God?
His kindness is intended to lead us into a radical life-change

Today’s verses prompted many questions for me.
In what ways do I harbor the belief that my sins aren’t as grievous as those of others? Do I jump to conclusions about another’s worth based on their language, their dress, or their choice of sins? Lord, show me the ways in which I am still a child pointing as my sibling saying, “He made me do it.” Help me to own up to my sins as King David did, to understand that I need your kindness as mercy as much as someone who has sinned in what I might consider a more egregious way, because every sin grieves you. Thank you for you love and kindness, for all the pain and sacrifice that Jesus paid for MY sins. Turn my eyes for my need for repentance; help me to live more and more in your will and your ways exhibiting the fruits of the Spirit that begin in love.

Bible Doodle. King David was a sinner, and yet he was “a man after God’s own heart.” Why? Because his confessions were honest and gut-wrenchingly offered. Forgiven, he walked closely with God, but still sinned again. Sin, confession, forgiveness, and fellowship.

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