Kathie’s Roman Digs (Week 11: Romans 3)

Have you ever been in a debate or on a Mock Trial team? Each side is given an opportunity to clearly delineate their arguments for why their opinion is the right one. Paul uses this debate style to lay out the truths in Romans 3.

My Informational Table

Jews were entrusted with God’s revelation, the Holy Scriptures.(1-2)God is always faithful and true. (4)
Same are faithful, some unfaithful, some waffle back and forth. (3)God gave THE LAW so that the entire world will be held accountable to God’s standards. (19)
Everyone is a sinner, it doesn’t matter who you are, no one can boast of innocence. (9-18)God provided a way for us to be righteous before Him. This is the gospel message of Jesus Christ, a pure gift. (27-28)
God’s law simply shows us our sin; it unmasks and fully exposes the reality of sin. (20)God does not respond to what we do; we respond to what God does. (27-28)
Anyone who believes in Jesus Christ is made right with God, no matter who they are. (22)Jesus’ sacrifice paid the consequences for our sins. (27-28)
FAITH is our response to God’s graciousness through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. (27-28)There is only one God, and He treats us all the same. (30)
FAITH shifts our focus from what we do to what God does. (30-31)

Shortly after hearing a compelling sermon on humility, we had a extended family discussion about our upcoming move, and my ungiftedness in spaces and numbers was visible to all. Pride reared its ugle head filled me with anger. I couldn’t sleep that night and got up to study Romans 3. God’s message to me was quite clear:

“I hate it that I sin, that I can’t be perfect, that I can’t earn my own way, or do it myself. It’s a pride issue. I had the same reactions in high school math class. I was on the college prep fast track, and when we got to geometry, I didn’t get it, see it like other people, or use the same language. Numbers didn’t and still don’t turn into pictures for me the way words do, so I felt slow and dumb. Why did I hate that? Because I had to admit I wasn’t perfect, I wasn’t one of the smart ones, I couldn’t do it by myself. It was and is a weird combination of low self-esteem and pride.
That attitude needs to be eliminated so that my faith in God, in His plan for my righteousness and relationship with Him, can be established. I need to release control to Him and quit trying to run my life my way because I will mess up. I am the wretch that the song talks about. But God doesn’t leave me there—He brings me back to Him. I look to God the Father, to Jesus Christ who paid for my sins, and to the Holy Spirit who lives in me. I am yours, God. ‘Lead me. Guide me along the way. And if you lead me, I will not stray. Oh, Lord, let me walk each day with you. Lead me my whole life through.'”

My Bible Doodle today means this: Faith is my response to what God does for me.

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