Kathie’s Roman Digs (Week 22: Romans 9:19-33)

There are some difficult places in this chapter, and I don’t profess to understand. What I do believe is that I cannot limit God with my human judgements based on my own understanding or lack of it. It is my purpose to reflect the glory of God in whatever and wherever situation.

God designed & knew us before we were born. (11)We are the created, not the creator. (20-21)
God’s purpose for us is not hit-or-miss, but flows from His initiative. (12)God calls each of us by name. We are not just numbers to him. (25-26)
IF GOD’S IN CHARGE, WHY BLAME ME?God has placed Himself in front of me. (30)Have I been so focused on my “God projects” that I didn’t see His salvation plan? Faith, not works. (30-31)
God makes Himself so evident that I can’t miss Him. (33)When we focus on God instead of ourselves, we will use our stumbles and falls to move us to faith and life on His path. (33)

“It’s not fair,” the child cried.
“Fair does not necessarily mean the same,” Mom replied.
“But he got more than me,” the child pouted.
“I love you both, and I know you both,” Mom replied. “You are different: in age, in who you are, and in your needs and wants. You will have to trust me.”

This is a limited metaphor, but what it does is point out the focus of the child–on herself, not her mother’s wisdom, power, or love. The child, however, may grow up and be a parent herself. But the child will never become God.
God made me in His image, but I am not God. We cannot begin to describe God; we will run out of words before we’ve even come close. God calls Himself “I AM” when he speaks to us. I had to learn to equivocate God’s love with actually “taking care” of me, I didn’t have to look out for myself because God does it better than I ever could. It took me a long time to realize my lack of trust in this arena. But God IS and God’s love and purpose is where I want to be.

Lord, help me not to trip over you and then continue on my merry way.
I believe you are my way, my truth, and my life.

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