Reflecting God: Tena’s Story


We are called to be reflections of God’s love to those around us. That would be impossible for us to do in our own power, but we don’t have to. God is ready and waiting for us to ask Him for help.

Here is the “Tena story” (my mom) from Pastor Scott Elgersma’s January 28, 2022, devotional. He tells her story to illustrate this point: “May God invade our lives today. May he come in unexpected ways. When he comes, may we all be open to the love he offers us. May that love transform us to experience a deeper, more intimate relationship with him. And maybe he’ll use an energetic 80-year-old woman to do it.”

Tena is quite something. She is now in her mid-90s and on the hard journey through Alzheimer’s, but this story comes from when she was an early 80s. Despite the challenges, her faith has not changed. She is still a sold-out, committed follower of Jesus Christ.

One Sunday, Tena was attending an evening worship service at her church. As the service ended, Tena was exiting the church with others and getting ready to head home. In the parking lot of the church, two boys were skateboarding on the curbs and planters of the parking lot. Having practiced their ‘ollies’ and ‘kick-flips’ they were smoking cigarettes and leaning up against a car. That car happened to be Tena’s. What happened next is pretty cool.

She didn’t accost or accuse them. She didn’t yell or reprimand them. She talked to them for a minute or two and then told the boys she wanted to introduce them to a couple people. She led them into the church and introduced them to some of the church’s youth leaders. After making introductions, she left the group saying, “Well now you’ve met the right people! My job is done.”

She couldn’t know that her introduction led to a years-long relationship for one of the boys. One youth leader, Bill, started to meet with John. John came from a broken home and carried a lot of pain. Over the next few months, the meetings between John and Bill shifted from getting to know each other to other topics. They spoke of the deeper things of faith and hope. Eventually the day came when John and Bill prayed together that John might open his heart to Christ and start following Jesus. John continues in his faith to this day.

God invaded John’s life and he used an 80-year-old woman to do it.

That’s what God does.

Pastor Scott Elgersma

In order to reflect God, we need to spend time in His light. We are “the man” in the moon, reflecting the light of God, the source of all light, our sun.


Do you see him?

The moon is full, round, and brilliant—
so bright that trees cast shadows
and I can find my way
in the darkness.

I stand still and look at the moon,
in awe at the beauty,
whispering thanks
for the light,

and I see him—
the man in the moon,
looking lovingly at all on earth,
and I can almost feel my hand holding his.

Lord, I want to be like a full moon shining in the darkness,
reflecting you with my fullest capacity
without waxing or waning—
glowing with your light,
holding your hand.

When you look at me
do you see Him?

by Kathleen Evenhouse, 2014
Picture by Alex Fu on Pexels

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