The serpent is
a symbol of evil.
It moves by twisting.

Photo by Beatriz Biuzzo on

In the same way I—we—lie by twisting the truth.
When something pure is twisted, it becomes impure.
Evil is a twisted version of good.

I have told the truth this way—twisting it so that I appear innocent or at least not guilty of intent.
And yet, even a slight twist (or omission) leaves truth behind.
A twisted truth is not true. It is a sin.

Is my self image too flimsy or brittle that I feel the need to twist and lie?
Am I trying to hide something so that other people will think well of me?
Is it pride? Fear? Reputation?

Who am I kidding? Not God.

Lord, I need to remember who you are,
and whose I am.
Help me.

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