La Crème de la Crème and More: Genesis 12:10-20

GOD CHOOSES THE MOST UNLIKELY PEOPLE Did God choose this couple because they were worthy, because of their outstanding attributes and earned it? Were they the “best of the best”? If that is what you thought, these verses may cause us to question that idea. And that also gives us HOPE, because we don’t have… Read More

On deadline for my historical novel: 5 months and counting

After twenty years of writing for others, I am seriously working on my own first novel. Let’s be honest, I’ve been working on it for a few years—am actually rewriting it for the seventh time. Why is this taking so long? It started out as a movie script for a variety of reasons, but the… Read More

I can’t put this book down!

Do you have repeat authors? Do you look for all the books written by an author and read them more than once? These books call you back to visit their created lands and people—like returning to a favorite vacation spot. Two authors on my repeat list are Robin McKinley and Louise Penny. They write in… Read More