Thanks to Ursula Le Guin for Sharing

Science fiction and fantasy books have been staples in my life since I started reading “chapter books” at a young age. Ursula Le Guin’s Earthsea series is one I’ve read multiple times. Ursula Le Guin died last week at age 88. A prolific writer, she she will be missed by readers of many ages and genres.… Read More

I just want to do what I do best-create!

Does it sometimes feel as if marketing is taking over your life? Would you rather be creating than marketing? Authors and artists today have to channel two different personalities: one of being creative and another of being an entrepreneur. This is as true for those with agents and publishers/galleries as it is for those who self-publish or act… Read More

I can’t put this book down!

Do you have repeat authors? Do you look for all the books written by an author and read them more than once? These books call you back to visit their created lands and people—like returning to a favorite vacation spot. Two authors on my repeat list are Robin McKinley and Louise Penny. They write in… Read More