Low Tech Time Travel–It’s for Real

You don’t need a time machine, lots of money, a guide, or an event planner to travel through space and time.

My favorite launching pad is a recliner. My preferred fuel is a sliced apple with peanut butter. My usual outfit is sweats with a downy comforter nearby. And  for me, the best weather for low tech time travel is during a blizzard.


This little girl is dressed to travel with Dora and Boots through a magic wood to a castle.

Why do I read?

  • to escape
  • to be entertained
  • to learn something new
  • to go places I’ll never reach in my real life
  • to understand history and how people lived then
  • to feel, taste, hear, and revel in just the right words
  • to imagine what I would do in the someone else’s situation
  • to travel through space and time to different worlds and different time zones
  • to experience all that I can
  • to be a different person
  • to answer “what if?”

So, I pull a book off of the shelf and see where it takes me.

Would’t this be a great amusement park ride?

  1. Imagine a library filled with unusual books–the covers and the interior pages are all blank.
  2. You choose one and settle into a comfy chair, but when you open the book you are transported to the world within the book.
  3. You get to live in the story as any character for as long as you would like.
  4. When you shut the book you are unscathed, and only a few minutes have passed in the real world.

Question: You are unscathed, but are you unchanged?

P.S. With my luck, I’d choose Hunger Games.

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