Designed and planted by the Master Gardener2

and nourished by His Word,

I bask in His love song.3

Turning my face to His Son,

I am showered with blessings,

cascaded with rivers of His Light.4

When winter storms buffet and ice weighs heavily on my branches,

I remain rooted deeply,

secure in the green pastures of His salvation garden.5

He prunes my wayward branches

and gently wraps the tendrils of my hope

around the trellis of His promises.6

I was planted to give

comfort in my shade,

loving welcome in my branches,

pleasure with my blossoms,

sustenance by my fruit,

and to cast seeds of salvation into the winds of His Holy Spirit.7

1 Tropism: turning or bending (typically by growth instead of movement) of an organizm in response to external stimulus
2 Psalm
3 Zepheniah 3:17
4 Psalm 103:1-3
5 Psalm 23
6 James 1
7 Micah 6:8

Written as a life purpose statement, November 13, 2006

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