Philippians 2:17-18 Joy in adversity

I was reading Psalm 11 this morning and was struck by these words: “But the Lord is in his holy Temple; the Lord still rules from heaven.” David says this after he explains how everyone is telling him to run away so he won’t be blindsided, injured, or even killed because the foundations of law and order have collapsed. He asks, “What can the righteous do?” His answer to fear and hardship is that God is in charge. Paul is saying the same thing here. “Even if I lose my life, it was all an offering for God, and he is in control. If you’re looking for joy, this is where you will find it.”
Philippians 2:17-18 (New Living Translation)

But I will rejoice even if I lose my life, pouring it out like a liquid offering to God, just like your faithful service is an offering to God. And I want all of you to share that joy. Yes, you should rejoice, and I will share your joy.

Here’s how it works: Read the verses and pray about them.  Is there a word or phrase the jumps out at you? Is there a picture that comes to mind? Do the verses remind you of something in your life? Draw a picture or write the words and let the Holy Spirit guide your thoughts.
Why study the Bible this way? If you take it into your mind and heart enough to translate it into a picture or word, it becomes part of you. If you add a sentence or two of explanation, you then engage another part of your brain which cements God’s words even firmer into your heart and mind.
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