Cleaning out the fridge

After listening to me whine about having to clean out the fridge–there were fuzzy things growing in containers in the back–a coworker told me a way that she avoided that job altogether. Every evening as she does the supper dishes, she goes through one shelf in her refrigerator, checking the viability of the leftovers and wiping off anything that needs wiping. It’s a great idea, but I struggle with the every-day discipline of the task.

I’m more like the  blind man in Mark 8:22-26 who begged Jesus to give him sight. Jesus did a strange thing–he spit on the man’s eyes, laid his hand on hims, and asked if he could see now. “Only some fuzzy shapes that look like trees moving around.” (Yikes, it’s my refrigerator!) Jesus laid his hands on the man’s eyes again, and he could see clearly.

Here’s my picture of God this morning. He opens the door of me and shines a light in to see what ugly, fuzzy, murkiness is growing in the corners, drawers, and containers inside of me. He says, “Do you really want to keep that?” and “That’s not good for you.” When I got sick of cleaning things out, God said, “Keep going. Do it until it is clean and ready for all the good things I will put in you.”

Like the blind man, I am learning to see in increments. I ask for visions and to hear your voice, and I see fuzzy images that look like trees walking around. Spit on my eyes again and put your hands on me. Open my eyes and restore my vision. Let me see clearly, begin cleaning, and stick with it. Fill me with your goodness.


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