Psalm 1:1-2 What will I choose today?

Every minute, every hour, and every day I get to choose–this ability and opportunity of choice is God-given. Could I ever love like that? Could I give you my constant love and attention, leave my gloriousness for a time to be confined in the shell and time of a human life for you, even suffer and die for you, and give you the choice to love me back (however imperfectly) or kick dirt in my face? I don’t have that capacity, but God does. And his Holy Spirit lives in me as he does in all who believe in him as Lord and Savior. Lord, my prayer today is that I choose you–over and over and over again all day–and that your love flows so wide and deep that is splashes out on everyone I meet.
Psalm 1:1-2 (The Message)

How well God must like you—
you don’t hang out at Sin Saloon,
you don’t slink along Dead-End Road,
you don’t go to Smart-Mouth College.

Instead you thrill to God’s Word,
you chew on Scripture day and night.

Why study the Bible this way? If you take it into your mind and heart enough to translate it into a picture or word, it becomes part of you. If you add a sentence or two of explanation, you then engage another part of your brain which cements God’s words even firmer into your heart and mind. If you want to remember it, you can think of what  you drew.
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