choose what you think and rethink

Slide 1Have you ever had a thought just “pop” into your head? In reality, thoughts either come in through your five senses and take up residence or they already live there–they own actual real estate in your brain.

The Bad News: Negative thoughts that  run on a track that loops through your mind constantly bathes your brain in caustic, toxic chemicals which are in turn sent throughout your whole body to take up residence in your cells also.

The Good News: You can change your thoughts. You can capture your mind. You can renew your mind to become the person you were designed to be.

Want to know more?

Visit to find books, videos, conferences, and online tools. Learn the science (or learn it enough to know change is possible). Find practical tools you can use to know yourself better and change your thoughts from toxic to healthy.

No, she doesn’t pay me to advertise or even know that I am doing so–I’m just really pumped about her information and want to share the good news.

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