King for today

CrownWouldn’t you love to be known as one who had “the Holy Spirit come upon in power?” How wonderful it would be to share in the anointing that David had from God—an anointing to be a King for God’s people.

Wait…you have a kingly anointing if you are a believer in Christ. The Heidelberg Catechism says that we “share in Christ’s anointing.” We carry Christ’s kingship in us – we “reign with Christ over all creation for all eternity.” [HC, QA 32]

So, since you have a kingly anointing in Christ Jesus, you also have the Holy Spirit UPON you in power.

As you step out into this world as one who shares in Christ’s anointing, the Holy Spirit is ready to empower you in all ways needed to advance His Kingdom. You are a King in Christ! You have Holy Spirit power!

Wow. Now get going into your royal day.

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