Powered by people

I love people.

10153211_10203307385953003_778096573395877304_nI need to be around people.

Can’t wait to meet someone new.

Can’t wait to have a good talk with an old friend.

Even my preferred place to write is in a coffee shop filled with people: talking, slurping, laughing…

Pella, Iowa, just enjoyed its annual three-day highlight–Tulip Time. The town is full of people, parades, tasty high-calorie food, cameras, different languages, casual conversations while waiting in line for pofferjies (little tiny crepes), costumes, craft shows, street sweeping, and tulips. Did I mention lots and lots of people? I was there every one of the three days.

And Sunday after church, I headed for “my cave.” My family has learned what that means–leave me alone because I will be unresponsive. I might be snuggled under a comforter with a good book. I might be watching six-in-a-row of a series on Netflix. I might be doing something crafty. I might be out at Lake Red Rock on a walk. Whatever it is, I will be alone.

Yes, it’s true–even extrovert authors who think, eat, and breathe character development need some time alone.

Give me a few hours, and I’ll be asking, “Where is everybody?”

Originally published in May 2014

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