Visit Renewed Vision

Sequoia-6Last week I was in Sequoia National Park in central California. It’s spring, and there are so many colors of green around every corner and flowers… Our driver finally quit asking and just stopped regularly at turnouts to let us take pictures. And the smell—not too much pine yet, but crisp, fresh, earthy, and so full of scents! We went high enough to see six-foot snow drifts before turning back to hike around the Sequoia trees in General Grant’s Grove.

These mountains are my “God Spot:”  the place where I can sit by a mountain stream and hear His voice in the bird songs, the burbling water, the squirrels, and soft breezes. This visit strengthened and refreshed my memories so that while I am in Iowa—a lovely place to live despite its lack of mountains—I can call up this “God Spot” in my mind for much needed conversation.

In case you want to visualize a place of your own to commune with God, I’ll share a few pictures. Place yourself in one of these spots, and strike up a conversation. God’s there waiting.


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