Why to not watch: “13 Reasons Why”

person-woman-hand-rainy“13 Reasons Why,” a Netflix original movie was recently released.  After a teenage girl’s perplexing suicide, a classmate receives a series of tapes that unravel the mystery of her tragic choice.

“Suicide as revenge—it’s your fault I took my own life.” In my mind, that’s a really messed-up premise for a book or movie. Also, I’m a visual learner, and I don’t want those pictures in my head for the rest of my life. That said, if my teenage granddaughters wanted to watch the series, are those strong reasons to avoid it?

Brooke Fox, a licensed psychotherapist and mother of two teenagers, has read the book and watched the movie. Her daughters wanted to watch the movie, and she agreed only if they watched it together and they discussed it. Her blog is very well thought out and a helpful read for parents.

She closes with this: “The decision on whether or not a parent should let their child watch is a personal one. If you do let your children watch, please heed this advice: watch it with them.  Talk to them.  Assure them that you are here for them, that they are loved and empowered, and that suicide is never an option.”


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