Sozo = Saved, Healed, Delivered


Photo by Boris Smokrovic @ Stocksnap

God designed us in his image. We are made with the ability to think and choose. This ability is powerful, and by working within God’s design we can quite literally change our world.

God didn’t tell us in the scripture to do something that we are unable to do. Our design includes the operating system we need. And he’s given us the Holy Spirit to help and guide us to follow the path that he lays out for us.

God is  cleverly turning science on its head. The deeper scientists dig, the more
they dig into scientific discovery, the more and more it points to God. This is proving true in brain science as the latest discoveries continue to show that the Bible was right all along—we can change the way we think, and when we do, it impacts us mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Sozo= to be saved, healed, delivered, preserved, protected, to make prosperous and to make whole (to restore or that nothing is missing or broken). God’s intent for us spiritually, physically, and emotionally is sozo.

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