We Need to Look at Troubled Brains–Lessons from 83,000 Brain Scans



“Behavior is not the problem. Behavior is the expression of the problem.”

“Are there any other doctors that treat an ailment without looking at it first?”

“SPECT images help psychiatrists do more that throw darts into the darkness. We can see the problem and develop treatments that improve and change the brain. This changes the behavior.”

~Daniel Amen

Compare pictures of issues like Alzheimers, traumatic brain injury, depression, concussions to those of a “normal” brain. Hear how SPECT images can help psychiatrists to tailor treatment specifically rather than only through tracking symptoms which could come from a variety of problems.

The information (after the 2-minute introduction) is visual, accessible, and interesting. Dr. Daniel Amen’s TEDTalk is one I highly recommend.

My favorite kind of brain imaging–Jokes!Normal Brain vs. My Brain 2 - image


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