Leap Away!

Photo by Matt Aunger on Unsplash

When I took my dog Sparky on walks, she would leap away from a loud sound or a perceived danger before returning to investigate—if she deemed it safe to do so. I found myself wishing I had been given the same instinct by God when I was faced with temptation:

  1. leap away
  2. ponder & pray
  3. choose my response

This memory came to mind as I read Wayne Stile’s devotional blog this morning about the lessons we can learn from animals. If you have n’t signed up for his blog or bought his books, I encourage you to do so.

Want to read the sample blog that inspired my thinking today? This morning we started with migrating birds: their instinct to fly south for the winter is an uncompromising urge. Would that we followed the holy spirits urging as faithfully.

“In your annual journey with God, make sure His Word alone is your guide.”
~Wayne Stiles

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