You CAN Improve Brain Function


ONV344KX9KI blame Dr. Caroline Leaf for my passion about science, scripture, and the brain. More than that, I thank God for her passion and communication of science and how it fulfill God’s promise of renewing of the mind—it’s not only possible, it’s scientifically measurable!

A recent blog by Dr. Leaf talks about her work with those that have suffered traumatic brain injury: TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY & RECOVERY: TIPS, TOOLS AND RESOURCES  

In this blog she lists her method for helping those with brain injuries recover their brain health. I believe this list could help us also work with those who are fearful, stuck in a thinking rut, suffering a lack of confidence, or non-communicative. I encourage you to read this blog and see if any of her methods will fit your life, your child’s life, or that of a friend.

  • Are you trying to get your life together?
  • Has a friend “fallen off a cliff” and want to get back on track?
  • Is your child struggling?

This blog is a good place to start in your thinking, and Dr. Caroline Leaf has many  more resources: book, conferences, TV shows, podcasts, online apps, …

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