There’s a Way Out of the Hole You Are In

Political parties and news reports would have us believe that people in one party have compassion, while those in the other party don’t care what happens to anyone who isn’t one of them. I don’t believe this to be true, but rather that the difference is in the way assistance is given.

When we come across a person trapped in a hole, people of compassion try to help. The way “help” is given falls under two general categories:


hole-1307754-1920x1440←Throw everything the person needs to survive into the hole,  Continue as needed.
→Lower a ladder down the hole, help the person climb it, and work side-by-side with them until they develop the skills to avoid it in the future.

One method gives continuous assistance. ↔ The other one offers aid with the expectation that it will be for a season.

Which one offers more dignity to the person down in the hole?

Which one offers the person in the hole a brighter future?

The Well Resource Center offers help and hope for Marion County (Iowa) people struggling with shortages—black holes in money, employment, transportation, housing, friends… They offer a ladder out of the hole, help to climb out rung-by-rung, and encouragement and training step-by-step, and mentoring until the hole is part of the past but does not define the future. Here’s how the staff of The Well describes it:

The first stop for help when life is tough is The Well Resource Center in Pella, Iowa. With Christian compassion, our staff will welcome you and learn about your situation and your needs. Together, we will explore options and take steps to help you stabilize your resources. Because change is a journey, we will continue to partner with you in the weeks and months that follow. 

There is help right away, community, resources, education, and lots of loving care. The Well partners with other programs such as a free clinic, the local food shelf, resources and help in navigating government programs. The staff of The Well is joined by a multitude of volunteers who give their time to shower love on others. Financial support comes through The Well Thrift Store, as well as church, business, and individual donations.

One of  the newest rungs on The Well’s ladder is Well Works. I love this program.

If you have followed the links, you have figured out which helping category The Well utilizes—a ladder, choices, and help all the way through, even if someone falls back in the hole.

It doesn’t matter if you dug the hole yourself or it was totally unexpected. There’s no judgement or categorizing, but you are welcomed into an atmosphere of dignity and love. Come on in.

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