Historic Sites in Danger in Yemen

Photo by Hasan Almasi on Unsplash

As a writer of historical fiction based on Biblical characters and Bible curriculum, I spend a lot of time doing research on ancient cultures, archeological findings, geography, history, theology, and religions. We can dig so much deeper into the Bible when we understand the mindset and culture of the times in which it was written. This is my passion.

A recent article in at Times of Israel focused on the danger and losses that come from war. There is, first of all, death and destruction. A secondary loss is knowledge. When historical sites are destroyed, we lose an opportunity to learn more about the past. And that learning aids us in the present and for the future.

…The Awwam Temple links a region now on the front lines of the Saudi-led war against Shiite rebels to Arabia’s pre-Islamic past, a time of spice caravans and the mysterious Queen of Sheba…

Even just the shock waves of an explosion in the distance can be enough to damage delicate structures. UNESCO has shared coordinates of some 50 historical sites with armies involved in the fighting to try to protect them, Paolini said, though many remain unguarded now in the chaos of the war…

I invite you to read the full article for details.

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