Technology: Love it & Hate it

Today a blog by Wayne Stiles reminded me to look for the good things in everything, even technology. He listed 11 ways he uses Siri while he’s in his car–GET THIS!–for spiritual growth.

Until I try some of Wayne’s ideas, the thing I love best about my smart phone is the calendar that links up with other calendars, sets alarms, and reminders, and is easy access even when I’m away from the computer.

If it seems to good to be true…

I only have two games on my computer: Boggle and Words with Friends. I play them mostly when I wake up and before I go to sleep. They are still addicting.

I’m using the locater and maps more and more. And I no longer remember phone numbers. Rather than sitting quietly and cogitating when I have a few minutes to wait for something, I find myself pulling out my phone. This becomes a mind-blocker to deeper thinking. And I hate how I jump to look at it when it notifies me, but I still do it. Is it time to give it a once-a-week sabbatical?

Now, thanks to Wayne Stiles, I’m thinking outside of the love-it-hate-it box I’ve put my smart phone in. I’m not an Apple person, so I’ll have to ask my techy son how to duplicate this with my own smart phone.

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